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Development Du Jour: The Deuce

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Location: West 42nd Street between Tenth/Eleventh Avenues
Size: Eight floors, seven apartments (and one retail unit)
Prices: Six 1BRs at $1.65 million to $2.1 million, penthouse duplex at $4.5 million
Architect: Brian E. Boyle
Developer: Shao Lin Operating
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran/Michael Spodek
Lowdown: First, that name. While 42nd Street used to be known as "The Deuce" back in its gloriously seedy heyday, the nickname sounds awfully unfortunate today. And paired with this new condo development's "biggest little building on 42nd Street" tagline, it all sounds rather...painful. But this addition to the Far West 42nd Street development boom will certainly be noticed by all who, er, pass it. The building is "architectural concrete," which we're told is big in Japan. Inside are six large (~1,150sf) 1BR units all with balconies/outdoor space that share a key-locked elevator and roof deck. The penthouse has an extra bedroom and a private bit of roof. The usual luxury finishes are represented, while a 421-a tax abatement and lack of excessive amenities will keep the monthlies relatively low. Drop in, won't you?