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CurbedWire: Landmarks Go 3 for 4, Five Months Free on Wall?

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LPC?The Landmarks Preservation Commission held its Spring Designation Day today (really, that's what they call it), and three of four proposed landmarks were approved. The new landmarks are the New York Botanical Garden's Museum Building (and its Fountain of Life and row of tulip trees) in the Bronx, Staten Island's Rutan-Journeay House in the Tottenville neighborhood and Queens' Jamaica High School. Rejected was another Greek Revival-style residence on Staten Island, the Captain Abram and Ann Dissossway Cole House, which was extensively altered following a fire in 1999. The LPC also held hearings on three proposed historic districts, including Williamsburg's Fillmore Place Historic District, and eight more individual landmarks, including the Ridgewood Theater. Read the press release here. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?In response to our call for intel on luxury rentals, a tipster writes in with some rumormongering at 95 Wall Street: "It seems Dwell95 is giving 5 months free when you sign a lease. A friend of mine dropped by yesterday to check out studios. They told her if she signed a 12-month lease at market rate, they would tack on 5 months free (17 month lease total)." [CurbedWire Inbox]