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Curbed RentChopper: LES's New SVA Dorm Flunks First Test

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The Times recently reported that the School of Visual Arts' attempt to rent out rooms in its towering new Ludlow Street dorm to the public (with a continuing education class tossed in free!) had so far come up empty. The building?which we've taken to calling Desert Storm, btw?is only available until July 31st, so with the clock ticking, Bowery Boogie reports that rents were recently slashed, to a new starting point of $1,400/month for a double occupancy (two rooms with a shared bath). But that's not the only news at 101 Ludlow. There is also a brand new website for the building, a work of visual art in its own right that features all sorts of photos of the rooms and, uh, amenities. Check out some highlights in the gallery above.
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