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Pondering a Glass of Gehry Half Empty in FiDi

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Recently Mayor Bloomberg said "it would be sad if Atlantic Yards gets built without the Gehry design," but he's not the only one dealing with the thought of a New York City with a lot less Frank Gehry than promised. There is, of course, still the matter of the starchitect's 76-story Beekman Tower in the Financial District, which?like Atlantic Yards?is being developed by Forest City Ratner, and could be experiencing some significant shrinkage. The image of the Beekman Tower at right popped up in the Curbed Photo Pool and caught our eye. Writes the FiDi-residing contributor:

There's this gehry tower going up outside our window that I've been tracking. Not that I idolize frank gehry, but I've been excited about it, in large part because the rest of our view is comprised of these horrible horrible federal and municipal buildings. The news last week was that they're going to stop construction on the tower at the current floor, and that the tower is going to be 38 floors instead of 76. Why? BAD ECONOMY.

So depressing, the resulting building is just going to be a huge, shiny, stumpy thing.

Which, apparently, is worse than a huge, shiny, wavy thing.
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