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Smoke Without the Sizzle at UWS's Harrison?

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Head on over to the website for The Harrison?the Robert A.M. Stern-designed pair of luxury condo buildings under construction around and over the Upper West Side's Amsterdam Inn?and you'll be lulled into submission by the smooth jazz soundtrack. But all is not smooth jazz at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 76th Street.

The Related Companies' development was recently in the news for being just one in a large group of new buildings where some buyers are losing financing now that closing time has arrived. But those mortgages aren't the only things going up in smoke at The Harrison. A Curbed tipster writes in with an observation about the close relationship between the building and the Amsterdam Inn:

I was working out at the JCC on Amsterdam and 76th Street, and the exercise room (on the fourth floor) has windows that look onto The Harrison (mid-level) and the roof of The Amsterdam Inn. The entire length of my stay in the exercise room (about 45 minutes), the exhaust vent atop the hotel was blowing out huge amounts of smoke right onto the balconies of The Harrison. Must be ventilation from the Westside Brewing Co. Those windows and doors will never be opened due to this exhaust – I wonder how many buyers (actual and/or potential) have seen the extent of that exhaust.But that's not all the Harrison chatter! We cut to page two of the StreetEasy forums discussion on the building, where a handful of buyers who have decided to ditch their deposits are discussing why Related seems unwilling to make concessions. Related reportedly has a waiting list for the building, and according to one StreetEasy poster :[Related] said there had been some units that were returned, but a portion of those have been resold. They also said that one of their recent deals was at full price off the last pricing amendment.Any Harrison buyers out there wish to chime in on the state of the building?
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