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Gehry Predicts Atlantic Yards' Death, But Hopes It'll Happen

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Frank O. Gehry knows that what ends up getting built at Atlantic Yards might not bear much of his DNA, but according to the architect, Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards might not end up looking like much of anything at all. In a wide-ranging "Gehry at 80" interview with the Architect's Newspaper, the FOG is asked about his "unrealized commissions" that he most wishes had been built. Gehry's surprising response:

The Corcoran Gallery in DC, the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn—I don't think it's going to happen. There are projects underway that are being threatened, and may not be completed.That's some fresh blood in the water for the project's opponents, and the Atlantic Yards team (no, not the Nets) is already doing damage control. In a statement, developer Bruce Ratner again promised "Atlantic Yards will get built," though he didn't specify which pared-down version it would be, and Gehry himself slightly backtracked. Through a publicist, he told the Post the comment was "misconstrued as a prediction" and he's "hopeful it will come to fruition."
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