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Chelsea Alien Pod UPDATE: Climb the Stairway to Valhalla!

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Could Chelsea's Valhalla, the name given to the bizarre Steampunk creation at 123 West 15th Street by its first-time developers before they ran out of money and tried to sell the partially-constructed building, be back from the afterlife? We're hesitant to say as much?the site now sports a PriceChopped $4,875,000 ask?but a tipster dropped by the neighbor-riling project and writes: "Just when we all thought that the building dubbed 'Valhalla' by its original amateur-hour developers would be going to that great Norse graveyard in the sky, we see renewed signs of life there today."

Looks like the ghost of curvilinear design (see the original plans) is refusing to die, as seen in the staircase just added. Not content to fuck-up one terrace house, the adjoining one is now being compromised as well. Note the stunning compatibility between the new stair and the handsome original. And note the sensitive treatment of the planter, bashed about to make way for the stair. The barbarians have returned.
In the gallery above, check out the original plans?which boast the curvy staircase design?and a less idiosyncratic mock-up created to sell the building, which doesn't appear to have the same stair design. A final act of spite for the documentary the developers said they were filming about their victory over outraged neighbors?
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