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CurbedWire: Crazy Clinton Park a Go in Hell's Kitchen?

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As ever, your reports from the field keep Curbed humming: Merci.

[Your weekly Friday afternoon 100 Eleventh]

CHELSEA—If it's Friday, it's gotta be Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh, above, as reflected by Frank Gehry's IAC Building. Starchitecture 4evs! [CurbedWire]

HELL'S KITCHEN—A tipster whispers regarding one of the city's craziest pending projects, "Clinton Park-Ten Arquitectos-Two Trees: This project was delayed recently because of the economy. Back in December, Two Trees decided to stall because they were getting calls every day with concrete guys dropping their numbers like crazy. But they just recently bought out the concrete. This means it's a go. And it's going to happen very soon I think." Ohhh yessssssss! [CurbedWire Inbox]

100 Eleventh Avenue

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