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Another Schaefer Landing 'Short Sale' Hits Market

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Earlier this week, we looked at a two-bedroom apartment at renegade South Williamsburg new development pioneer Schaefer Landing that was, in the words of the Craigslist listing, BELOW MARKET"; "Owner is Very Motivated"; "SHORT SALE." Not bad. But today, a tipster alerts us to another Shaeffer Landing 2BR firesale that hit the market yesterday and ups the ante on the brokerbabble: "**SHORTSALE** This is the credit crunch discount you have been waiting for. This is a pre-foreclosure property that sold for $925,000 two years ago! Below market and priced to move fast." Today's asking price: $649,000. For those who must, there's even bonus Warren Buffet quotage to motivate you to buy, even if the drift of Curbed commenters a few days back indicates this place may have to fall farther before it finds a taker.
· Listing: 440 Kent Avenue #7A [Star-Cities]
· Schaefer Landing Seller Takes Short Sale Pitch to Craigslist [Curbed]

Schaefer Landing

440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY