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PriceSpotter Gets Second Chance to Make a First Impression

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we may have found some worth $2.1 million. That's the asking price on this week's PriceSpotter, a 2BR, 2BA condo at 35 Bethune Street in the West Village, a building that saw a fierce bidding war during the high times of 2007. Our take on the apartment, based on some underwhelming listing photos: good bones, needs work. Cut to yesterday afternoon, when we went back to the listing to gather materials for the big reveal, only to find that the photos had been replaced nearly shot-for-shot with some higher-end photography portraying the place in a much different light. Based on the before-and-after comparisons (after the jump), we think the open house coming up on Sunday might be seeing some heavier traffic than the last one. Brokers, tip your photographers!

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