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En Stade: Yankees' Close Quarters, Mets' Rendering/Reality

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Today, some revealing looks at both of New York's new baseball cathedrals as they go through final prep and primping before the gates are opened to the boys of summer. The Post's photo gallery inside the new Yankee Stadium shows off some parts of the ballpark yet to be widely seen, including a rather snug-looking players' lounge (above) and the inside of that controversial center-field sports bar that obscures the view from some of the bleacher seats. Meanwhile, the Mets have published an A-to-Z Guide to Citi Field (Chef Dave Pasternack revealed!), and also a Citi Field version of our very own Rendering/Reality series. Looks like they got it right, though the renderings do have some darker tones we were digging that seem to have been lightened up a bit in the crossover to the real world.
· Palace Fit for Baseball Kings [NYPost]
· Citi Field Images [Mets' Official Site]