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On the Racked: 'Burg Oldtimer Departs, More Plaza Problems

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Photo: Will Femia

1) Williamsburg: Join us in bidding adieu to the Print Shop, a Bedford Avenue mainstay that served as a reminder of the days when the sidewalks didn't double as a boho catwalk. The store's dying breaths were captured over the weekend.

2) Central Park South: The latest batch of problems at the Plaza comes from the Plaza Retail Collection, the mall of varied luxury brands located underneath the hotel/condo. Racked points us to a Post story reporting disgruntled shopkeepers demanding rent reduction and flinging allegations of penny-pinching at Plaza developer El-Ad Properties. Some tenants might abandon ship.

3) Soho: The mallification of Soho continues with the pending opening of Free People at Spring and Mercer Streets. We're thinking Racked might not be all that excited about the arrival of "Urban Outfitters' hippy younger sister," because the only nice thing they can think of to say is that at least out-of-work sales associates have a new place to apply.

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