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Early Peek at Citi Field Reveals a Whole Lot of Iron

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The Mets' new Citi Field had a dress rehearsal yesterday, as St. John's took on Georgetown in the stadium's first game, and despite the murky weather that kept many people away, Flickr and message boards are already flooded with photos from eager fans. So far reviews of the ballpark seem pretty positive, but one topic that might keep coming up is the juxtaposition of the spiffy new stadium with the scruffy Willets Point just outside the outfield gates. We've already seen the stadium from the Iron Triangle's perspective, and now we have the reverse view (above) of the up-close-and-personal relationship. For an expert opinion, we turn to Will Leitch's Twitter, "Citi Field is nice ... but man, those chop shops across the street are a lot more of an eyesore now." More favorite photos from yesterday in the gallery.
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