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Viridian Rental Report: Greenpoint Turns Off the Waterworks

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Though condo listings in the building are curiously still on the market, Greenpoint's Viridian ahas a bankrupt developer and an asking price of $65 million (for the whole shebang). The project also appears to have finally gone rental, with listings for the apartments flooding Craigslist under the building's 110 Green Street address. One prospective renter went to check out the place during an open house, and filed this report via bloggy blog mentioning some changes in the Viridian's design plans:

The road itself was desolate but on the right-hand side there was this huge building. It had no sign (later discovered it had been called the Viridian, and was very famous for having Magic Johnson as an investor, and even more famous for going bankrupt last month) and it was very clearly still under construction. We checked out the model apartment, which was extraordinarily tiny. They were, and still are, charging $2,900 for a 2 BR and $3,600 for a 3 BR, so I was curious to check them out. There were many potential tenants and only 1 sales rep. He took us to see the area where there supposedly will be a huge, olympic sized swimming pool (suuuuuure), and then this enormous atrium, which was supposed to have had a fountain, but then explained that the original plans had already been downgraded to now include a simple lounge area instead. At that point, we ran out of time, so we left unimpressed, thinking they needed a reality check. With those prices and 138 new units to rent, each with limited space, it seems to be a daunting task, indeed.A good atrium died today, friends. Let's observe a moment of silence.
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