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West Village Mystery: Have You Seen This Camper?

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According to Scouting NY, this camper has been parked in the same area of the West Village for years. It's even pictured on Google Street View (top right corner), and amongst its piles of assorted junk are a dog crate, shelves, a lawn chair and other items that give the scout an inkling that maybe someone lives inside:

I've always wondered if someone lives here permanently. Sometimes, this doesn’t move for weeks at a time. Street cleaning regulations require cars to move two mornings of the week - if you don’t, you risk a fine. But if you think about it, $120 or so a week in tickets is damn cheap rent to pay for this type of location in NYC.True, but is it safe? Well, considering what's going on inside the luxury buildings in the neighborhood, we'll take our chances.
· The Aristocrat: The Mystery of the West Village Camper [Scouting NY]