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Destructoporn: Live from the 231 Duffield Street Dismantling

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[Photos via Flickr/raulistic]

The end is nigh for 231 Duffield Street, one of several houses on this Downtown Brooklyn block linked to the Underground Railroad. Yesterday, Brownstoner alerted us that the dirty deed had begun following the recent approval of a demolition permit, and now a tipster forwards his fresh set of destructoporn shots. The house has gotten less attention than its neighbor at 227 Duffield Street, which may stave off the wrecking ball and undergo conversion to an abolitionist museum. The houses have long been marked for death amidst many changes to the block. The Aloft hotel is rising across the street, and the owner of 231 is building Karl Fischer's Hotel Indigo a few doors down. The hotel market is currently crippled, so perhaps this execution is being carried out before a successful preservation war can be waged.
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