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Not So Sweet Developments at Soho's Chocolate Factory

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Down in Soho, near the busy intersection of West Broadway and Grand Street where new projects are going up left and right, things seem to have turned sour for the Chocolate Factory, a much ballyhooed condo development set to rise there. DOB records show that the demolition permit for 325 West Broadway, the core building of the project, has been "withdrawn" leaving in its wake unrealized plans for the multi-lot project's 29 luxury units complete with pool and gardens.

The sidewalk shed that sheltered the simple brick building on West Broadway has come down, leaving behind little more than some sorry looking low-level tags. For the real show of street art, go around to the Wooster Street section of the site, where the fronts of 23-25 Wooster are choc-a-block with some of the more interesting work in town. The death of Chocolate could mean a longer life for these creations, which change by the week and bring color and bite to this corner of Soho. Given the times, no one should be surprised if the NEW new finds itself butt-up against the never-say-die downtown of old.
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325 West Broadway

325 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

325 West Broadway NY NY 10013