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CurbedWire: Williamsburg Renters' Revolution

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WILLIAMSBURG?Sightings of the above fliers posted around Williamsburg are flooding the CurbedWire Inbox. A tipster writes: "This group seems to be looking to occupy the new vacant luxury buildings with underpaying artist hipsters. Not sure that it will work but i guess all you need is one developer to be in crisis mode and give in." It all leads back to this website, which explains the strategy:

Prospective buildings are sent to us by our members, building owners or management companies. We evaluate the available units and offer what we believe is the fair value in line with the real median income of the neighborhood. Buildings that agree are offered to our members on a first come, first serve basis. You get a great deal, they get a great tenant - everybody's happy.

The Williamsburg Buyback group tried the same thing with condos last year. If this scheme works, then let us all be considered underpaying artist hipsters, plz. [CurbedWire Inbox]