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Civil Disobedience at Architecture's Storefront

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The gang from EXYZT?an industrious collective of architects and artists out of Paris?doesn't take the limited view that architecture is just bricks and mortar or glass, concrete and steel. Rather, this crew is out to show that architecture is about building something bigger, encompassing "[re] creation, collective action, active occupation, open demonstration, and social games." The Euros recently set up camp during the installation of "Situation Room," their new exhibit at the refreshed Storefront for Art and Architecture on the edge of Nolita.

As part of the exhibition the Storefront will hold a timely event today on foreclosures, including an open discussion with advocacy group ACORN's new Home Defenders group of volunteers, who "employ civil disobedience as needed" to keep people in their homes until "a comprehensive federal solution has been put in place." Take those T-squares to the streets!
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