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Tribeca's All-Glass Building Set to Get Green Light

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Architect Joseph Pell Lombardi's "Glass Atelier" plan at 403 Greenwich Street went before the Landmarks Preservation Commission this week, and the architectural Watchmen sounded pleased with the six-story Tribeca building, which?and we really can't stress this enough?is made out of glass bricks. Look at those crazy things! The commission asked Lombardi for some additional details and to take a couple of feet off the top floor, the Downtown Express reports, but words used to describe the mixed-use building included "daring," "intriguing" and "innovative." Lombardi plans on resubmitting the plan on behalf of the project's mysterious English developer in a few days. Some anti-Atelier voices showed up at the hearing in an attempt to shatter the glass, including a neighbor who called the building a "Disney World gimmick." Pshaw! The only thing in Disney World even remotely like this is the case they keep Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen body in. Oops, we've said too much.
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403 Greenwich Street

403 Greenwich Street, New York, NY