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CurbedWire: Boutique Hotel Moon Wars, Rialto Gets a TCO

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MEPA?While we thought the new boutique hotel rivalry was the Gansevoort vs. the Standard, it turns out that the Gansevoort is more concerned with the Cooper Square. A tipster writes: "I have never taken a picture of a nude guy through a window before (no, really, I swear!), but this is the scene I came across while walking down 14th Street Saturday afternoon. There was a crowd of people pointing up at the Gansevoort Hotel and laughing, so I looked. This naked guy was standing in the window; looked like he was unfolding and refolding the same shirt, over and over. This went on for quite some time." So that that, Coop! [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?An update now from The Rialto, the new slice of Gene Kaufman-designed living curiously billed as a "carriage house conversion." Per a press release, the 31-unit building has received its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, and is set to welcome its first residents. The Developer's Group has 11 active listings in the building on its website. [CurbedWire Inbox]


150 N5th, Brooklyn, NY