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February Foreclosures Report: New Filings in Holding Pattern

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The gang at PropertyShark has prepped its February foreclosures report, covering L.A., Miami, Seattle and New York, and as is tradition, the Sharks have granted us an early look at the NYC data. With banks, buyers, analysts, the federal government and possibly even Dr. Manhattan himself unsure of what to make of this whole housing situation as it pertains to mortgages and delinquent loans in the near future, the city actually saw a 3 percent decrease in new filings from January to February, and a 10 percent fall from February 2008. There were 269 new foreclosures across all five boroughs in February, with Queens once again having the highest number, at 183. Meanwhile, new foreclosures in Brooklyn (12) were 77% lower compared to last year, and Manhattan flirted with entering double digits. Manhattan, always such a tease.
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