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First Truffles Tribeca Residents Show Few Signs of Life

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Over the weekend, some Curbed readers sent over photographs of our friend Truffles Tribeca?specifically, spy shots of the new luxury rental complex's first batch of residents hanging out in Truffles' outdoor spaces. Starting rents recently dropped from $2,200/month to $1,950/month at Truffles?no stranger to out-there marketing gimmicks?but if frightening West Side Highway motorists is part of the plan to generate interest, those rents may have to creep back up to pay off the legal bills.

Writes one Curbed reader, so shaken that he forgot Truffles is a rental: "Forgive the BlackBerry via Facebook quality, but was biking on WSH yesterday and TRULY GOT THE CREEPS from these mannequins. There are three groupings of plastic frivolity on display. FAUX-MAN and FAUX-WOMAN on the north side are visibly tied to their terrace. Like a high-end fashion, bondage and kidnapping scene, that certainly doesn’t make me want to purchase their real estate. Like Eyes of Laura Mars to sell condos.

Adds another, "If the rental market is as lifeless as these dummies, Truffles is in deep doody." Well, as long as these mannequins find true love with Andrew McCarthy, they'll turn back into real people full time and, in theory, be able to pay the rent.
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