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Construction Watch: Petrosino Square Springs to Action

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The pizza-slice of cracked and crumbling pavement called Lt. Petrosino Square down where Little Italy meets Soho is getting the finishing touches on its long-needed revamp. A batch of benches and a truckload of trees arrived at the site shortly after a wreath was laid to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the death of NYPD Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino, who was gunned down in Sicily while investigating the notorious Black Hand gang, thereby becoming the only officer in the history of the NYPD to be killed on duty outside of the US.

Formerly known as Kenmare Square, the little park was renamed in 1987 to honor Lt. Petrosino and in the past 20 years has witnessed changes galore around its periphery (La Esquina, yum). A 1996 competition sponsored by the Storefront for Art & Architecture elicited numerous entries, but what is being built now is in the traditional NYC park mode: Belgian blocks, hexagonal pavers, green benches and lots of plantings, plus the restoration of the Levy Gate entrance and original iron fence at the perimeter. A big improvement, certainly, and sure to be a great spot to catch the local action when Petrosino Square re-opens in the coming months.
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