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Construction Watch: 200 West Hangs Out With the Neighbors

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The 19-story mash of rentals and retail that has been rising for the past year on the corner of Broadway and West 72nd Street has finally reached its full height. This one is known as 200 West (née 2075 Broadway, 200 West 72nd Street and?before all this?the Colonial Club), and though it's still in its early stages, something unexpected can be seen on the southeast corner: a 12-story overhang above its old neighbor at 2067 Broadway.

Apparently some air rights were traded to allow for that sharp protuberance, which partially fills the slot created by another 20-ish story something on West 71st Street. The effect is of a jagged notch running up one corner of this 196-unit design by Handel Architects. The developer, Gotham Organization, has previously stated that one of the great pluses of the building is that it's "a highly visible corner because of the nature of the geometry ... It's not a right angle; it's an obtuse angle, which allows for greater visibility." That big arcing facade of glass should give neighborhood folks plenty of opportunity to see how the angles fit with life on the Upper West Side.
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