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WTC DelayWire: Timeline in Trash After Only Six Months?

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The Port Authority's ass-kicking, name-taking, you-guys-we're-totally-serious-this-time revised schedule for the completion of the redeveloped World Trade Center may soon be as worthless as the knock-off purses sold in the surrounding neighborhood. That timeline?which we worked so hard to put into visual form that we even felt compelled to update it?is now held prisoner by developer Larry Silverstein, who wants the Port Authority to help finance WTC Towers 2 and 3 (which got the question mark treatment above), though the Port Authority only wants to help with one of Freedom's Friends. Crain's fills us in on what's at stake:

If the two sides can't seal a deal in the next few weeks, a revised schedule released last October after years of false starts will be worthless. And it will be virtually impossible for the Port Authority to honor its politically and emotionally charged pledge to deliver the Sept. 11, 2001, memorial in time for the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.No on-time memorial opening after all that racket? Maybe it's time the Port Authority use its big useless stabby thing to start making some threats. A 78-year-old man can't be that hard to boss around.
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