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Williamsburg Waterfront Showing Signs of (Retail) Life

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The big residential projects along the formerly industrial Williamsburg waterfront are also bringing a ton of retail to the area, or at least that's the pitch. Brownstoner has reported on previous hiccups in bringing needed services and retailers to the waterfront, but that was the barren south side. We direct your attention north of the Williamsburg Bridge to the Toll Brothers' Northside Piers, which now has signage up for its first two commercial tenants.

On North 5th Street leading to the river we have an organic dry cleaner, and North 4th Street gets Mexican restaurant Móle, an offshoot of the incredibly tiny Lower East Side original. To the south of the project is 184 Kent, with its own ambitious retail plans, and to the north is The Edge, with 60,000-square-feet of shops to fill and old rumors of an Apple store still surfacing every once in a while. Will all this retail succeed? There's a built-in captive audience, that's for sure.
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184 Kent

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website

Northside Piers

4 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website