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On the Market: Author Gary Shteyngart Selling on LES

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Let's take a moment to observe the interior design at this new-to-market one-bedroom apartment at Co-Op Village on the Lower East Side. Stark, industrial kitchen vibe? Check. Spartan living room design, save for one small poster of a far-off tropical paradise? Check. Bedroom bereft of wall decor—except for a solitary, jaunty pig? Yes, fellow literary sleuths, the apartment could only belong to Gary Shteyngart, author of precocious novels The Russian Debutante's Handbook (which we loved) and Absurdistan (which we didn't, but, as the brokerbabble notes, the Times Book Review sure did). Asking $450,000 for 800 square feet; totalitarianism not included.

Reads the brokerbabble:

How quiet, serene, and wonderful is this 1-bedroom apartment with balcony? So quiet, serene and wonderful that one of the top 5 best novels of 2006 (NYT Book Review) was written here (can't write one of those just anywhere!) Sure, this apartment is large (800 sq. ft. not even including the balcony with treetop views of the downtown skyline), sure it has four large closets, sure the kitchen is windowed / renovated and "eat-in" and there are amazing hardwood floors throughout the apartment, sure the place is flooded with sunlight dusk to dawn...

...but you want to know "Who IS this writer? And what did he write here?" That, my friend, is the "mystery!"

(Shh! If you figure it out, don't tell the author we are shamelessly using his stature & fame to sell his apartment.)

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· Listing: 575 Grand Street [Loho Realty]