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CurbedWire: Mason Fisk Progress Shot, More on Madge

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WILLIAMSBURG?With all the chatter about Mason Fisk over the past month, it was about time we posted an actual photo of the loft conversion at 72 Berry Street. In comes roving Curbed photog Will Femia with the above photo, taken on March 31. Will those advertised April-May move-ins actually happen? [CurbedWire Staff]

UPPER EAST SIDE?Normally you'd find something like this in Linkage, but it's Food Edition day, so just pretend that our old friend Alison Rogers e-mailed us this take on Madonna's new UES townhouse instead of blogging about it on CBS' MoneyWatch: "It’s a triple-wide, which means it measures out at 57 feet across. For those of you who live in houses, that’s twice as wide as a big living room. But in crowded and expensive New York, it’s just extraordinary, and it gives room for a beautiful private garden. More importantly, Ms. Ciccone will be out from under the thumb of her Central Park West co-op board, which had rejected her attempts to enlarge her current New York apartment (which was actually a combo of four apartments) by combining it with a fifth." [CurbedWire Outsourcing Dept.]

152 East 81st Street

152 East 81st Street, New York, NY 10028

Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York