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Downtown Preservation Watch Three-Pack: Prince Street Post Office, 43 MacDougal Street, Washington Square Park!

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[Photos courtesy Marie Viljoen/Curbed Photo Pool]

1) Prince Street Post Office: Word broke a few weeks back that the Prince Street Post Office—that charming governmental annex attached to Soho's Apple Store—would close for business on July 31 (also at risk: Post Offices at Columbus Circle and on West 180th Street). Today, fans of snail mail gathered outside the Prince Street outpost to show their displeasure; blogger and Prince Street boxholder 66 Square Feet captured the scene and gave voice to the displeasure: "We will be in a postal wasteland. The winds will blow icy and cruel through our coats as we walk another half mile to a holdout on Canal Street."

2) 43 MacDougal Street: This building, tucked in the upper-west corner of Soho just below Houston Street, has been slowly decaying courtesy of an absentee landlord, a decline that the Greenwich Village Society for Preservation has been tracking closely. They're looking to pressure the powers that be to get the place landmarked—er should any of it actually remain to be landmarked. Developing...

3) Washington Square Park: Because what's a Downtown Preservation Watch without a little crazy from WaSqPa, eh? From the Curbed inbox: "Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the Parks Department's plan for Phase II of Washington Sq Park however thankfully the Parks Department agreed to add something to the plan that the community wanted: more seating alcoves! There is discrepancy about the amount of seating in general in the Park (turns out the Parks Department has been removing benches from the Park over the years!) and the newly configured performance area is somewhat inadequate (too small, no railing, etc.) but the addition of the seating alcoves is considered a good thing since they are an integral part of the park and break up some of the 'symmetry.'" Ah, cruel symmetry! More at the Washington Square Park blog, natch.

43 Macdougal Street

43 Macdougal Street, New York, NY