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Construction Watch: Scarano-on-the-Bowery Goes Gray

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Robert Scarano's 52 East 4th Street, a skinny sliver of an upturned middle finger aimed at all those who doubt his architectural prowess (and mainly Curbed HQ), is newly hyperactive after several months of slow progress not visible to the naked eye. The construction workers have turned on their jets near Cooper Square, and the pricey condo building?with classic Bowery touches such as private gated parking and airy cabanas?is certainly...on its way. To what, we're not sure. Take a look at the progress shots as compared with the renderings in the gallery above. It's still early on, but we're a bit confused, and maybe that's been Scarano's plan all along. According to StreetEasy, only three units in the 15-story building are unclaimed.
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52 East 4th Street

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003