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CurbedWire: Williamsburg Finger Building Burns on TV, Trump Place Changes With the Times

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WILLIAMSBURG?Our use of the Finger of Richardson, aka 214 Richardson Street, aka Luminous to illustrate today's update on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint rezoning story yielded this amusing observation from a special Curbed tipster: "FYI: This building was ablaze in April 7th's season premiere of Rescue Me." Screenshot above! [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?A tipster points us to a Craigslist listing for a rental at Trump Place, noting the language used: "We are changing with the times and dropping rents due to the Economy." There's been a bit of back-and-forth on the complex's vacancy rate, and our tipster adds, "Interesting marketing technique from the same people who just a couple of months ago told Curbed that rent levels were holding strong or whatever." [CurbedWire]