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On the Racked: Ikea's Meat Market, Soho Cowboys, MujiWeb

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Red Hook: Ever since Pioneer Bar closed, Red Hook has been itching for a hot new barbecue spot. Well, they've gone one! It's, uh, Ikea, and it's every Wednesday from 4-close. Said one taste-tester: "Not great, not terrible, but definitely a good value." Noted.

2) Soho: Yeehaw, the Clothing Warehouse has set up shop in Soho, and the vintage-selling franchise has brought along its cowboyish wares. Will it work? Heck, who doesn't love vintage Levi's for under $50?

3) Mujiverse: After already conquering Soho, the New York Times Building, Chelsea's Jade and the new Terminal 5 at JFK, Muji has now shockingly launched an online store. Our excitement can only be contained in a quirky, affordable, basic yet well-designed package.

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