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On the Market: Cobble Hill Condo FSBT (For Sale By Twitter)

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Let this be a lesson to all those apartment sellers attempting to navigate the treachorous FSBO waters: Sure, ads in the Times and on real estate search engines are great, but a simple 140-characters-or-less blast out into the ether might provide the most bang for the buck. TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld has been going the for-sale-by-owner route for his 2BR, 1.5BA condo at 46 Bergen Street (asking $979,000) in Cobble Hill, carrying out the usual Fizzbow plan of action of setting up a website and placing some ads. With an open house coming up on Sunday, he decided to hit Twitter, writing: "Let's see if Twitter can help me sell my apartment. Anyone know someone looking for a primo 2-bedroom in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn?" People responded, he Twitpic'd a photo of the private outdoor space, and the rest was history. Well, almost.

Gawker picked up his sales pitch, which no doubt directed more eyeballs to the apartment, which hasn't sold in the 23 hours since the message was first sent. Still, Schonfeld tell us, "The Twitter response has been decent. I keep getting a trickle of people asking about it, and I send them the link to the Wordpress blog we set up with all the info. We also have an ad in the NYT online and Trulia. So far I've gotten more responses from Twitter." Kids today! No word on if Ashton Kutcher has expressed interest in the place.
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