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Death of Super Signage at Grand and Lafayette

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Observant travelers down at the intersection of Grand and Lafayette Streets, where Soho meets Little Chitaly, might sense that something big is missing. The northwest corner used to be home to a big parking lot, but for the past few years the site has been fenced off as workers drilled a 500-foot-deep shaft for access to the Third Water Tunnel going in down below. Before that drilling started the owner of the site at 142 Grand Street had a billboard erected amidst the parking?a big black post rising 50 or so feet into the Downtown sky. That supersign was visible from multiple directions over the mainly low-rise structures surrounding the site.

But now, as drilling for the shaft has finished, the sign has come down. Today the lot is basically cleared and empty, ready for the next phase. And what a welcome change that will be: An "open space" or "park" will go in on the 100' x 125' lot, which will be nice for a neighborhood that has only little patches of parkage. This being NYC, none of this happened easily, but keep those fingers crossed while thinking green thoughts. Better a park than parking any day, right?
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142 Grand Street New York NY 10012