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CurbedWire: Flatiron Hotel's New Name, Riverwalk Chopped

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FLATIRON?The vote to rename the Madison Hotel, a slightly downtrodden "budget" hotel currently in the midst of a luxury makeover, has ended. Ladies and gentlemen, your choice for the new name of the hotel at Madison Avenue and 27th Street: The MAve. Let us pray the transfer of power happens peacefully. The MAve is expected to open this summer, and the new name already appears on the Desires Hotels website. Vivo, we hardly knew ye. [CurbedWire Inbox]

ROOSEVELT ISLAND?A second Roosevelt Island item in one day? The madness never ends! A tipster points out the specific part of the Post's concessions story today about RI's ambitious Riverwalk development. Our tipster's two cents: "Looks like Riverwalk Court cut prices by approx 15%. They were 30% sold a few months ago so 415k for a 1 bed and 595k for 2 bed seems like a pretty good deal. First they lure Starbucks over there and now they offer this deal-- Costas Kondylis, 20 year tax abatement and the F train." We're not quite sure Starbucks, Costas Kondylis and the F train make for the most enticing trio of amenities. [CurbedWire Inbox]