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LES Girls Club Going Three-Sided On Avenue D

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Alphabet City's Avenue D has never been a hotbed of real estate development, so it's interesting to check out these renderings for a rather ambitious building for the Lower East Side Girls Club that the club—in conjunction with developer Dermot Company—plans to break ground on later this year. We're talking 30,000 square feet of mixed-use space (plus, hooboy, 72 residential apartments), including entrances on Avenue D, East 7th Street, and East 8th Street. In fact, if we had to quibble with architects Custogeorge Tooman & Allen's design, it'd be that the club entrance has been relegated to a side streets (along with the club's bakery), while Avenue D gets two more bland retail spaces. Still, we're liking this project a whole lot; anyone got details on groundbreaking?
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