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Coney Island's New Concert Venue: Tasty, Highly Addictive

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The Coney Island news just won't quit! Forget that messy other stuff for a moment and try to recall the new $64 million amphitheater designed by Grimshaw Architects for Coney's Asser Levy Park, revealed back in January. Ah yes, there it is. Called Coney Center, the 8,000-seat venue will replace the park's outdated bandshell. Today, the Architect's Newspaper has some fresh renderings of the project, and groundbreaking on the steel and fiberglass amphitheater?"supercharged by hundreds of strobing stage lights"?is set for August. Hold on, something new at Coney Island is actually happening? Friends, we're just as frightened as you.

· Coney's New Big Top [Architect's Newspaper]