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CurbedWire: Subway Station of the Future Spotted, Preservationists Spat Over South Village

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UPPER WEST SIDE?According to some in the construction industry, the new 96th Street subway station on Broadway was finished many moons ago. But in reality, per a tipster's e-mail, the above-ground structure is finally coming into shape. [CurbedWire Inbo]

SOUTH VILLAGE?On Friday, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation cheered the Landmarks Preservation Commission's announcement that the commission will consider a protected South Village Historic District, but?in a long statement?expressed a bit of concern that building owners were being left with so much time to demolish sites before the protections are put into place. Today, the LPC slapped back at the GVSHP in a statement dropped into the CurbedWire Inbox...

The commission staff has held a meeting with property owners in each of the 18 historic districts designated since 2003 because it's important for the commission to build strong, productive partnerships with the owners of these historic buildings, and to encourage community participation in government actions that affect New York City neighborhoods. I believe it’s bad government and, worse, bad judgment, to take an action concerning hundreds of buildings without notifying the people who own them. The Commission’s partnerships with elected officials, building owners, community boards, and advocacy groups benefit from transparency. It's for the good of the city and the good of preservation.”