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Coney Island Boardwalk Back in Biz, Flea Market Prepped

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For Thor Equities, the Coney Island landlord and Astroland-booter that is currently fending off the city while pushing its own Coney redevelopment plan, it's been an eventful day. The latest:

1) The Boardwalk: After dramatically slapping big "for lease" signs on every business along the Coney Island Boardwalk, landlord Thor Equities has announced that many vendors have finally come to terms on new leases. Renewals went to Boardwalk staples like Nathan’s, Steve’s Grill House, Cha Cha’s, Gregory & Paul’s food stands, Shoot the Freak and Ruby’s, which somewhat comically opened for business over the weekend despite the giant for lease sign still hanging.

2) Festival By The Sea: Thor's open-air flea market, a companion to its other summertime attractions, now has a website. No vendors are currently listed, but the grand opening date is May 15. Above, a construction shot along Stillwell Avenue.
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