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Meanwhile, on Avenue A...

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Over on Vanishing New York, blogger Jeremiah Moss writes that this past weekend's warm temperatures kicked off "Loudmouth Weather" season in the noise-plagued East Village. Indeed! Fellow blogger Bob Arihood's late-night revelry reporting from Avenue A on his Neither More Nor Less site?always an outlandish reminder of the area's less stroller-friendly days? takes on a zen tone in the latest dispatch, perhaps because of so much increased activity:

The odor of burning herb was noticeable at times too. Folks drank, puked, fell down, passed out, fought and some even exposed themselves. The avenue A groper was of course on the avenue groping the unsuspecting, enjoying herself. Police came to the scene several times, stopped a fight or two and handed out summonses for open containers ... some of which were summarily burned.Sounds like fun. Too bad this guy won't remember it.
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