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CurbedWire: Assembly at Madison Sq., Seaport Endangered?

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[Photos by Alan Miles]

MADISON SQUARE PARK?What's going on at Madison Square Park? A tipster sends along some photos of what we're assuming is the next art installation to call the park home, but also could be some maintenance procedure we're unfamiliar with or maybe balance beams for an amateur gymnastics competition. The Madison Square Park Conservancy site doesn't yet inform us what art project is on deck to take over the green space, so we'll just assume its the gymnastics thing. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The company that operates the South Street Seaport is bankrupt, and given the chance, they'd like to build this. For these reasons, the Seaport and the old Fulton Market buildings have been named to the Preservation League of New York State's 2009 "Seven to Save" list of threatened historical sites. "In the wake of the economic crisis, the time has come to reexamine this proposal and recognize the Seaport for what it really is – an authentic, vital part of New York City," the accompanying statement said. The Seaport was the only NYC site that made the list. [CurbedWire Inbox]