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Annals of Marketing: Best For-Sale-By-Owner Gambits Ever

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Yesterday, we espied a Harlem building offering a free SmartCar to buyers who spring for a $65,000 parking space. Not bad. But you know what? Not good enough. Via an Upper West Side tipster comes this photo and this note: "This was attached to a bicycle sitting outside 140 West 66th St, between Amsterdam and West End Ave. Next to it was a box that said 'free candy'—but the box was empty."

The candy may be gone, but there's obviously something bigger going on here. Indeed, the for-sale-by-owner crowd is upping the ante way beyond SmartCars with a FREE TOYOTA PRIUS offered to the lucky buyer of a two-bedroom apartment on West End Avenue that's asking, per the best website in the world, $929,126. (No, really, it probably is the best website in the world, starting with the fact that the URL is, and continuing with, well, so much more.)

First, some photos to whet the appetite:

And now, the owner's description of why, in fact, this is the best home in the world:

Why is this the Best Affordable home in the world (and by affordable I mean 2 bed/2bath under 1 million dollars)? In real estate here’s how it works; location, location, location. Where is the best location in the world? NYC. You could debate it forever but in the end NYC is still gonna be the winner. Where is the best location to live in New York? The Upper West Side. Where is the best location on the Upper West Side? Lincoln Center. Where is the best affordable location in Lincoln Center? Lincoln Towers. The Best Building in Lincoln Towers? 165 West End Ave. The best home line in 165? The R line. The best R home? 5R. Because it has a low maintenance, it is above the tree line and has a huge terrace overlooking our own private 5 acre park!There's really a lot more going on at the website that's beyond our poor powers to excerpt further, so we urge a visit. Just save us that finder's fee, eh?
· Listing: 165 West End Avenue []