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400 West Street's Wooden Facade is Faux Show

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Over in the Far West Village we've been watching with great curiosity as a single-family house rises at 400 West Street near Richard Meier's trio of towers. What piqued our interest was the facade: It looks like a wood product, but clearly it's not. What's seen is a doodled version of some wannabe-wood siding applied to the front. Yesterday the mystery was solved when it was revealed in the Times' T Magazine that this is the work of Richard Woods, creator of fakery. The West Street building, not exactly new but rather a "vertical enlargement," was done by the architect Gianni Intili for the designing couple Cortney and Robert Novogratz. Their little abode with the mega-glass front faces onto the West Side Highway and Hudson River Park, beyond where?with the fake-timbered front?it just might blend into the woodwork.
· Against the Grain [T Magazine]

400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY

400 West Street New York NY