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CurbedWire: 2 Coop Slow to Rise, Steep Drop in Building Permits

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THE BOWERY?According to signage posted at the site, the luxury rental building at 2 Cooper Square?aka Deuce Coop, at Bowery and East 4th Street?is supposed to be ready for a spring 2009 debut. Based on this overheard shot passed on to us from a tipster inside the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel, it looks like our little Deuce Coop might miss that deadline. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NYC?The New York Building Congress just launched an "electronic research and publication series" called New York City Construction Outlook, and the current edition has some sobering stats on the end of the building boom. Permits were issued for just 576 new residential units across all boroughs in January and February, which "is just 20 percent of the total reached for the same period in 2008, when permits were issued for 2,878 units in 344 buildings. Further, the initial 2009 numbers represent just 13 percent of the units that were permitted in January and February of 2007, when permits were issued for 4,476 units in 621 buildings throughout the five boroughs." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2 Cooper Square

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