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Upper West Side Grabs a Gunn (Tim, That Is!)

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Which of the day's celebrity duplex purchases is our favorite? Well, we love 21 Astor Place as much as we love anyone romantically connected to someone carrying Donald Trump's DNA?which is a lot!?but unfortunately for Jared Kushner, Sotheby's has already taken down the listing for the two-bedroom apartment that Cityfile reports the real estate scion/Observer owner bought for $3.225M. So the winner is Project Runway hand-holder Tim Gunn, last seen residing in Chelsea's London Terrace, who The Real Deal reports snapped up the above 2BR, 2.5BA condo in the Upper West Side's Manhattan Tower for $1.5M (listing here). The asking price on the 1,765-square-foot penthouse unit at West 90th Street and Broadway was $1.595M, and though the fashion maven might have a catty remark or two about the apartment's paint job (unless he likes eggplant), that private terrace is certainly a stylish touch.
· Listing: 203 West 90th Street [Stribling]
· Gunn of "Project Runway" buys $1.5M unit [Real Deal]
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21 Astor Place

21 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003