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Actual, Real Construction Coming to Chelsea, Columbus Circle

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Yesterday the Observer reported that world-saving developer Gary Barnett's Extell had filed plans earlier this month for a pair of new condo buildings?a 13-story, 54-unit building at 147 West 21st Street in Chelsea, and an 18-story, 58-unit building at 225 West 58th Street near Columbus Circle. The report caught us by surprise, not only because new construction is few and far between nowadays, but because the sites have been flying under the radar.

Extell already has previously-announced projects near both locations (including this one on 20th Street and both the big Hyatt and a Costas Kondylis hotel/condo tower on the site of the former Hard Rock Cafe on 57th Street), but as far as we know, these are freshies. So we dispatched photographer Will Femia to get some snaps of both locations, and the results are seen above.

According to the DOB filings, the 58th Street building (first in the gallery) is designed by architect John Cetra of Cetra/Ruddy, and the 21st Streeter is by James Davidson of SLCE. That one is going to be some sort of crazy sliver of a building unless some neighbors also fall to the wrecking ball. Any other intel out there? Let us know.
· Extell Believes! Plan 112 New Condos [NYO]

UPDATE: A source with knowledge of the West 21st Street deal adds some details: "Extell also bought the 3 adjoining buildings (149, 151, 153 west 21) from the same owners as the 17 building east village package that they flipped. Somewhere in the filings that you linked to in the article it mentions combining lots. The lot width combined will be 78' x 100 (assuming all buildings are the same as 147). They will undoubtedly be combining the 4 buildings together, though last time I checked there were still some tenants left in the other buildings."

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