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Spotted: Gossip Girl-Loving Tourists Invading the UES. XOXO!

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Sex And The City tourism has caused more than just a surge in cupcake sales in the Village?it has also led to the occasional blogger rant and the outrage of at least one block association. But as memory of Carri & Co. fades (until the movie sequel comes out, of course), a new NYC-based show is influencing the hearts and minds of youngsters, putting new neighborhoods at risk. SATC tour operators On Location Tours has announced the start of a Gossip Girl Tour, kicking off at the Palace Hotel in Midtown on Friday and Saturday afternoons before visiting some 40 show locations on the Upper East Side, in the Meatpacking District and elsewhere (Williamsburg? Fingers crossed!) during the three-and-a-half-hour bus tour. At least most Upper East Siders will have already decamped to the Hamptons by the time the tours roll by.

A sampling of the itinerary via the tour's website:

* Visit the New York Palace Hotel, home to the Bass and Van der Woodson families where so many of the scenes from Gossip Girl take place.
* Be "spotted" by that most ubiquitous blogger at the Constance Billard School for Girls/St. Jude School for Boys.
* See the Upper East Side mansion that was the site of the Bass/Van der Woodsen wedding.
* See the lavish Fifth Avenue building that Blair Waldorf calls home.
* Shop at Henri Bendel where Blair and Serena shop.
* Go past the restaurant where Dan and Serena have their second date.

The tour costs $40, but the looks on the faces of horrified Bendel's shoppers might be priceless.
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