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Dumbo Arch Going Green

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The New Amsterdam Market, the greenmarket that had been lobbying to inhabit the old Fulton Fish Market at the Seaport, will instead take over the newly reopened and freakin' gorgeous archway under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo. The 45-foot-high, 7,000-square-foot former dumping ground for the DOT is seeing its fair share of action, with the greenmarket (debuting June 28), the big German bubble and more events soon to be announced. [ArchPaper; more on arch makeover] UPDATE: Actually, seems the deal with New Amsterdam is not a done deal after all. The powers that be in Dumbo email us this read-between-the-lines statement: "The Dumbo Improvement District is working closely with the Department of Transportation and the City of New York to readapt and unveil The Archway. Plans are in the works for many exciting programs; we have been approached by the New Amsterdam Market among others. In the spirit of Earth Day 2009, we are glad to reclaim this incredible community space."