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Brooklyn Seeing Green

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In a story on eco-friendly new developments, the Post has a progress report on our old friend Sterling Green in Prospect Heights: "Eight weeks on the market. Offers on five of eight units. Two contracts signed. Those are the numbers at the new Sterling Green condo building -- pretty swift sales in this market." There's also some intel on the South Slope's Silhouette (right) from the project's developer: "Though the Silhouette's offering plan has yet to be approved, Roth says prices will be comparable to a building next door that closed on all its units in September 2007 at between $750 and $875 per square foot. Seems a touch pricey for the neighborhood, especially given that this isn't 2007, but Roth insists he'll get what he's asking for. 'I'm betting the farm that they will sell,' says Roth." [NYPost]